7'6" Sapling Giveaway!

We've partnered up with the fine people at Taylor Stitch to offer a special GreenRail Sapling, and it could be yours! This unique board features some classy collab branding, plus a handsome fabric inlay cut from Taylor Stitch's signature, responsible Boss Duck blend. It also includes a custom fin made with Boss Duck by our friend at Hydrophile Fins.

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Build Your Own Glider

Been dreaming of big board? Our new Albatross model glider in 10'2", 11'2" and 12'2" has become a go-to longboard here in the shop for anything from knee to chest high waves. It paddles like a dream, but still turns like a much shorter board. Join us for a 5-day workshop, pick your size, and lets get building!

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Wednesday whippers on the Wherry Fish

Shot by Chris Gauthier

Take me to the Wherry Fish

A Closer Look

This summer we worked with our buddy Brayden Rudert to create an up close look at some of our most popular shapes, including the Waka, Wherry, Seed, Tern, Sapling, Steamer, Root and Waterlog. Check them out on each board page or click the link below.

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Introducing Our New 'GreenRail" Construction

Hand built surfboards combining our wood construction with 100% recycled plastic.

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Grain Surfboards are designed using the latest 3D modelling technology and hand-built using time honored woodworking techniques and local, sustainable softwoods that naturally produce artful grain patterns on every board. Our itch for surfing and our passion for working wood inspire us to create beautiful and functional surfboards designed to last forever. 

Our board-building workshops offer surfers a chance to get their hands dirty and to become part of a community of like-minded individuals - from all over the world - who think the status quo's gotta go. Work side by side with Grain's builders to create the board of your dreams - it's an experience you'll never forget.

Garage building more your style? Check out all of our DIY resources including paper plans, HomeGrown Surfboard Kits that include all the material you need to build a board, tools, glues, hardware and more.

It’s the process that we’re passionate about - a process that's thoughtful - with sustainability, longevity, quality, and awesomeness built in.