We have a new Location:
Grain-New York on the
East End of Long Island

— October 17, 2016

Best Re-Evolution Ever.

Last month's Surf Re-Evolution event had more stuff, more friends, more fun than ever. If you missed it, we're sorry... If you were there: thanks!

— September 10, 2016

We Believe. Do You?

Easier-than-ever surfboard kits should banish all doubts you may have of your own awesomeness. We're throwing a 15% discount on kits to prove it.




Locally Grown, Hand-Built Surfboards


Grain Surfboards are hand-built using time honored woodworking techniques and local, sustainable softwoods that naturally produce artful grain patterns on every board. Our itch for surfing and our passion for working wood inspire us to create beautiful and functional surfboards designed to last forever. 



tHE nATURE OF grain





DREAM IT. BUILD IT. LIVE IT... In New York too

Our board-building workshops offer surfers a chance to get their hands dirty and to become part of a community of like-minded individuals - from all over the world - who think the status quo's gotta go. Work side by side with Grain's builders to create the board of your dreams - it's an experience you'll never forget.

We've trucked our workshops all over the country (and still do) but in the process, we've also found a second home on Long Island.  With classes most weekends through the summer and fall, our new permanent workshop we call "Grain--NY" will be close at hand with three-and four-day workshops in dream-board construction.

the experience  Grain--NY 

How We Do It

Built from locally harvested wood, we put our hearts into each board we build, bringing them to life first in our shop, and again every time you paddle out. Our boards are designed using tomorrow's technology and yesterday's spirit, minimizing waste, maximizing performance, and handcrafted with care. The result is the board of a lifetime. 


The Boards


Why We Love It

We love building surfboards. The process, the tools, the material, all come together to give us a great sense of satisfaction with each custom board we build and with each student or home builder we get to help. It’s the process that we’re passionate about - a process that's thoughtful - with sustainability, longevity, quality, and awesomeness built in.


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Other Stuff We Do

We've got alot going on, but we like it that way, and whether we're creating handplanes, body boards, skateboards, Grain apparel, or new surfboard designs, we try to imbue every thing at every level with our genuine dedication to quality and sustainability.  Find out more by drilling down into the site using the menu icons at right.  And though we hope you enjoy your virtual experience of Grain, we invite you to meet us for real - either catch us on the road or come by the shop for a visit, or for one of our events.

Other Stuff




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conversation, ask questions, and make the checkout process easy down the road. 


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Contact us at info@grainsurfboards.com or 207-457-5313
60 Brixham Road, York, ME 03909