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We're always finding new ways to pack more stuff into the classes with innovations in design, construction and materials. This delivers more of the good stuff than you can get anywhere else. The 4-day class is perfect for anyone with limited time, generally running from Thursday to Sunday. Just tell the boss you need a long weekend!

Each student arriving on day one will start with a board that has the frame already glued to the bottom planks. Day one is spent establishing the outline of the board by laying down and gluing the chine and first few railstrips. Each student spends the remaining 3 days building up the rails, installing blocking for hardware, attaching the top planks and finally shaping and sanding their own board. Mixed in with that are great meals and plenty of time to get to know your fellow students, plus a room full of demo boards at your disposal for those pre and post class surf sessions. By the end of the day four, you’ll have your own board, ready to glass.

As with our other classes, materials include fiberglass, hardware and resin so that the board can be glassed at home, or left with us to be glassed and shipped later. Intersted in lodging options here in York? Click here for some helpful hints. 


Students will have their choice of building any shape we offer as a HomeGrown Kit. Each student takes home his/her own board home ready for glassing and finishing on their own. Materials used in the board and those to be taken home with the student are the same as used in Grain Home Grown kits – sustainably grown cedar, zero VOC bio-epoxy, etc.

The cost of all materials, supplies and selected pages of detailed instruction on glassing and finishing ($520- $820 value) are included in the course. The glassing supplies are also included as is use of all of the tools needed during the class.

We'll even throw in a delicious breakfast and lunch as part of the tuition. Students are responsible for their own dinner costs as well as accommodations, although we’re happy to recommend some nice places around the area.


Two Grain board builders will be available to guide students through the easy step-by-step process to ensure that each board that leaves the class will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind surfboard that will last a lifetime. Together, we'll explore basic surfboard design concepts, the simple application of steam to manipulate wood into shapes, adhesive applications, elements of edge tool work and use of other traditional hand tools, glassing and effective use of epoxy. We will do our best to arrange glassing demonstrations in the evenings to help students with the techniques they will use if glassing at home. To streamline this class as much as possible, some initial prep work will be done by us before you arrive.

Classes usually fill quickly, and we hate it when people miss out, so don't hesitate to to reserve your shaping stand soon as you've decided you wanna build your own... Use the calendar listing below, or the Workshop Options buttons on the board pages or call or email soon. Already have a Grain board and coming back to build another? Check out our 'Build Your Quiver' plan and save some dough. 

Boards you can build

The listed models below are the only boards that can be built as Home Grown Surfboard Kits, in Grain Workshops, or with Paper Plans.  Our more difficult-to-build shapes are available as Custom Boards or in Fantasy Camp Classes.

On each board page you can choose to purchase plans, a kit, or to build in a workshop.

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