A Five Day Fantasy Camp

Rick K. builds his 5'10" Waka, cranking out his own glass-on keel fins while the glue dries.

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A Tale of Two Tails

Some tweaks to our favorites... the Waka and Wherry get much deserved upgrades, 13 years in the making.

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The Tern- A new shape for bigger days.

The time has come. We're excited to bring you some new shapes, filling in some gaps in our lineup. First up, a mid-length pintail step-up model for bigger, punchier surf.

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"Be-the-Tee" Contest Winners!

You voted for the winners of our T-shirt design contest... now you can exercise your right to own one!

Right Coast Dispatch No. 4

Matt Entwistle reflects on the value of experience as the Right Coast Road-Trip passes through Cape Hatteras & Virgina Beach

Right Coast Dispatch No. 3

Matt Entwistle looks back on Grain's visit to Wrightsville Beach, NC

Right Coast Dispatch No. 2

Matt Entwistle reports from the road: Jacksonville Bch, FL to Savannah Ga

Right Coast Dispatch No. 1

Matt Entwistle reports from the road: Annapolis MD, Washington DC, St Augustine FL

Win a Mini-Simmons

We're raffling a sweet new Mini-Sim to benefit the Delaware chapter of the Nature Conservancy in partnership with the Dogfish Head Beer & Benevolence program. Win it!

New T-Shirt Design Competition!

Grain Surfboard's newest T-shirts could have your art on them... Win our contest and get a $100 gift certificate, plus the T you helped design.

Isles of Shoals Boardbuilding

Build a Grain Surfboard at the Isles of Shoals, six miles off the coast of Maine. Four days and you walk away for a board ready-to-glass.