Introducing Our New 'GreenRail" Construction

A whole new method of building surfboards using our time-honored wood construction combined with 100% recycled PET plastic rails.

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In front of the lens

My brother Nick has been a huge part of Grain quite literally since day one. I remember it well: a few guys were kicking around the garage amongst the tools, boards, and shaping stands. The conversation was moving quickly, from surfing and shapes to construction techniques and materials.

In front of the Lens

Wood Surfboards of Maine Featured at the Maine Maritime Museum

Meet us at Water Bros Surf Fest

Surf Re-Evolution- Save the Date

NEW Rocker Table Kits

There are two things we love around here: building wooden surfboards and helping others enjoy that same experience. You might say we’re fanatical about it. We’re pretty sure that we have put more time, resources and passion into perfecting the craft than anyone before us- so much so that we think even Tom Blake would be proud of what this has become.

*NEW* Rocker Table Kits

See You At The Boardroom Show