Win a Custom 7'6" Sapling!

We've partnered up with the fine people at Taylor Stitch to offer a very special surfboard, and it could be yours! This unique board features a handsome fabric inlay cut from Taylor Stitch's signature, responsible Boss Duck blend. It also includes a custom fin made with Boss Duck by our friend at Hydrophile Fins.

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Grain Crew Plays Hookey

The Grain crew become Mike's boat crew for the day while we play hookey from work.

Surf Re-Evolution 2015

An annual autumn event filled with food, music, art, surfing, surfboards, and ideas. Join us on Saturday September 24 for a memorable day.

West-Coast Grain: Sustainable Board Competition

Give a surfer a fish and you’ve stoked him for one great sesh - but teach him a better way to build one, and...

Right Coast Dispatch No. 5

Matt Entwistle gets all quantum on us: the road, what we know, and the nature of time.

"Be-the-Tee" Contest Winners!

You voted for the winners of our T-shirt design contest... now you can exercise your right to own one!

Right Coast Dispatch No. 4

Matt Entwistle reflects on the value of experience as the Right Coast Road-Trip passes through Cape Hatteras & Virgina Beach

Right Coast Dispatch No. 3

Matt Entwistle looks back on Grain's visit to Wrightsville Beach, NC

Right Coast Dispatch No. 2

Matt Entwistle reports from the road: Jacksonville Bch, FL to Savannah Ga