Holiday Deals... Winter Woodworking

What to get for your favorite surfing woodworker.

Holiday Deals... Winter Woodworking


We can feel winter coming here in Maine: shorter days, colder temps and more time in the shop building boards. The old saying about chopping wood (that it warms you twice) applies to building wooden boards too... "once while you build it, and again when you're paddling out". Winter's a time to slow down, to enjoy those around you and the things you love, whether it's reading a book, making a pot of soup or building a surfboard.

For the next month or so, we want to make it just a bit easier for you to start in on your own board building project of your own. So we're offering a free set of Rocker Lifts with any HomeGrown Surfboard Kit. These rocker lifts are totally dialed in, created with CAD and modeled to fit the bottom contours of the board you're building.They not only come with all the needed hardware, and can be set up in minutes, saving you hours of head scratching, but they'll also just about guarantee your board's bottom shapes and rocker will come out as designed. Order a kit between now and the end of the month and we'll include the right Rocker Lift Set with your shipment.

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by Mike

Gift Ideas for Surfers

All orders need to be in by Thursday December 17th to be delivered by the Holiday!

Build It.

Doin' it at home not your thing? Our 2016 class schedule is up, with classes beginning in February and going all year. Sign up that favorite someone for 4 days here on the farm with us - an even more amazing experience when they come with friends - and they'll take home a board they build with their own two hands.

If you're not ready to commit to class for some reason, we can get you started with some sweet little gift certificates - amounts range from $50 to $500, or give an entire class. Getting a Mini Surfboard Kit/Gift Certificate package means you'll have a cool little kit to put under the tree as a placeholder for your generosity. Mini-Kits come in a little cedar box and include top and bottom planks, rails, glue, sandpaper - even a little Grain logo wood-burned in. Glue it together in minutes, sand it up and you'll be mind surfing in no time.

Wear It.

Just want to share the Grain love? We've got Grain logo T's and trucker hats in stock and ready to go as well as Handplanes and Handplane Kits, Skateboards, Paper Plans for all our surfboard models, surfboard mini-kits and more.