New T-Shirt Design Competition!

Grain Surfboard's newest T-shirts could have your art on them... Win our contest and get a $100 gift certificate, plus the T you helped design.

New T-Shirt Design Competition!


Then What?

Between the deadline and April 15th, we'll be enjoying looking at all the great ideas that've come in. We'll get our top few picks together and put them out on social media - without your name attached of course - and see who has an opinion.

Ultimately, we'll select the winner or winners, make our announcement, sing your praises, then add them to our store for a limited time.

So pull out those sketchbooks and get busy... If you're a winner, we'll send you a T with your work on it PLUS a $100 gift certificate you can use for anything we sell.

We're looking forward to seeing what you've got!

How to Submit

All submissions should be sent as email attachments. To submit, attach a jpeg of your design that's big enough for us to feel your genius, but small enough for us to email around. We're interested in one-color artwork only, so make sure your submission shows your work as one-color. We'll be printing on only one side of the T, so two-sided design is not necessary.

Here's the legal: Only submissions sent to:

will be considered (don't send it to your buddy at Grain). Only submissions received before 11:59 pm March 31 will be considered. We can't use any submissions that alter the Grain logo, but you can certainly include it. All parts of all submissions will become the property of Grain. If you are a winner, you will have a limited amount of time to re-submit your work in hi-res or as a vector graphic suitable for printing, or we will rescind your award, and congratulate one of the runner's-up instead of you. Winners name(s) will be used in our announcements after the contest ends unless you tell us otherwise. You can enter multiple times, but try to only send us your best efforts!

We've always loved our own T's, hoodies and other apparel because each and every piece has given us the chance to broadcast the talents of artists that we've either been friends with for years, or have met along the way. It's been fun as well to see the creative designs that talented people produce when you give them a blank canvas - or in this case, a blank organic cotton.

And while apparel is generally a sideline to our overall initiatives, we naturally treat it like everything we do: with careful thought to the materials and their impact on us and the environment. And of course, fun designs that make us smile.

With spring on the horizon, and our Right Coast Road Trip about to kick off, we decided it's time to add a new design to our collection, and what better way then with a design contest open to everyone.

So here's the plan: During the month of March, we're going to review your submissions of artwork for possible use on a new run of T-shirts. We're going to make one new men's and one new women's T, and we may select one artist's work for both or have two separate winners. Either way, (let us brag for a minute...) we have ALOT of really talented friends, so bring your A-game, and good luck!

Soft Goods, Stiff Competition


by Mike