Techno-Love from Saltwater Creative

The surfers at Portsmouth NH-based Saltwater Creative show Grain some love by crafting a killer website for us. We reciprocate.

Techno-Love from Saltwater Creative


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So we've been mightily annoyed for the last few years because there's always so much else to do that building a new website just never got the funds and time that it would deserve. Enter our new friends from Saltwater Creative who - because of their success at what they do, and their lust to employ cooler and cooler technology with every new project - offered to do a site for us at the bargain price of... zero-point-zero.

How can this happen? They've taken valuable time and energy and applied technical knowledge we've not found in other web-guys to make a new home for us on the web that is beyond what we could ever have hoped for. Part of it is that owners Chris Griffen and Mike Carella have the sort of minds that drive them to find challenging, fun work for their nerds, (just like us) and part of it is that they continually seek new opportunities to test out cutting-edge design elements (just like us).

But we can't ignore the fact that this sort of thing has happened in the past to Grain - not often, but regularly. Our Pug wouldn't be on the road if not for friends, our shop wouldn't be as dialed, our events not as interesting, our apparel not as funky... In almost every area of Grain's endeavors we've had friends old and new step up and offer to help. We think that's just a natural outgrowth of the fact that we're focused on a set of values that people respond to, and that makes them want to be part of a community that holds them dear.

Say goodbye now.  Should be OK after almost a decade...
Say goodbye now... our old-faithful served well for almost a decade!

Though it's really just the simple act of people supporting each other, it's been a great experience for us. What started as a regard for our respective passion for what we both make, has morphed into a celebration of the things we all care about: connection, interdependence and quality. What would normally have been a strictly commercial arrangement has become a part of our history that we'll never forget with new friends we feel like we'll always have.

And just one more thing: I've worked with technical consultants over many years - I even used to be one. And I can say that - without question - this crew is a dream-team for any client to have in their corner. Not just because of their talent, creativity and work ethic, but also because of the way they do business and communicate and listen. Plus, they surf.

How They Do: a new, interactive 360° Board Room. Just blows our minds! (right)

What others refer to as "customers" and "vendors", we call community or even, friends. And so, without any sort of quid pro quo and because it turns out that the nerds of Saltwater are in fact a collective of really cool, talented, interesting people (many of them surfers) we knew we had to get them in the shop.

Lurching bleary-eyed from their desks and tech, a pile of Salties arrived at the shop to build a small handful of boards made of wood. Trading their computers for traditional hand tools worn by decades of use, they shifted their attention to cedar-scented wood and the possibility of building something decidedly analog, but that they could use to shred.

It's always been important to us to stay true to our roots. But if you've been with us for any amount of time, you've noticed that in all the years we've been around, our website has looked pretty much the same... even our home page photo hadn't changed in all that time. And though, through the years, we've been packing the site with more and more info, blog posts, articles and products, we've never taken the time out to re-design the site itself. True to your roots, maybe. But that's ridiculous.

A Friendly Exchange of Stoke


by Brad