A Tale of Two Tails

The fish has been one of our favorite boards designs since the early days. For one, we’re suckers for shapes that just look good—classic curves that simply please the eye. But the fish is more than an elegant outline, it’s a really fun ride. According to some, fishes are the most fun shape to surf of them all!  The design prioritizes speed and drawn out carves, both elements benefit from the added momentum of wood.

The newly updated Waka in 5'4" and 5'10" as always and now also in 6'2". Header photo by Joseph Allison. 

We’ve been building and riding the Waka and Wherry fishes since 2006 and understand why fish shapes have stood the test of time, they are great boards for a wide variety of surf conditions.

The Waka, inspired by the original Steve Lis twin-pintail kneeboards, stays true to the idea of the “retro-fish”. We’ve always loved this design and never want to mess much with what works well. The new Waka features only a few subtle tweaks to the outline, tail and nose shape, as well as adding a 6’2” to the 5’4” and 5’10” size options. Otherwise we’re leaving the Waka to shine on as it always has, as a short, wide, fuller volume, playful-as-hell skatey twin fin.

Oldie but goodie footage of Dave Rastovich on our original 5'4" Waka. Note- please disregard the raffle info at the end as this was from long ago. 

Putting the Wherry through it's paces. Photo by Joseph Allison.

The Wherry, our take on a performance fish, began to seem a bit too similar to the Waka. Often we found ourselves trying to explain the intricate differences to customers deciding between the two fishes. Several years of pushing the Wherry in better swells taught us what could better benefit from a performance fish, and make it more decidedly different from its brother the Waka.

The new Wherry features a much more aggressive outline, rocker, rails, and bottom contours. The result: A board geared towards pushing the limits of a fish while remaining true to the fish spirit. The new Wherry is at home in steeper, bigger, and better quality waves, but it still wants to carve big roundhouses and pump past sections, playful and fun as ever.

The all new Wherry.

Our new Wherry, available in 5'8", 6', and 6'4".  

So, if you’re debating between the Waka and Wherry, it’s now a clearer choice. Waka all the way if you want to make the most fun out of smaller or less than pumping surf, or if you’re a fish purist, and want skatiness with speed. For those looking for a board with more hold in more powerful surf, who want to lay harder into their carves, the new Wherry is the fish for you!

Heading out for a little R&D time for the The Wherry and Tern. Photo by Amanda Prifti.


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