Introducing- PlyBeam Surfboard Kits

For almost two decades, we’ve been singularly focused on designing the best wooden surfboards you can build. Thousands of home builds later, we’ve listened to your feedback, looked at every step, thought about each tool and paused at each hurdle; and then strived to create a simpler more intuitive method for homebuilders.

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Introducing- Main Street

A new skateboard model by the Grain NY crew and their community.

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The Shortboard Revolution In Wood

Over the past few months, we've had the honor of building a replica early 70's McTavish single fin.

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2-Day Paipo/ Alaia Building Class with Jon Wegener - San Fransisco

Join us for two days in San Francisco, walk away with your own finless board, ready to get wet.

4-Day Surfboard Board Building Class

In four days, walk away with your own board, ready for glass. We get it started, feed you well, and you learn to build a board in quick-time.

All Grain Classes by Location/Duration

To help you find just the right class for you, a list of all classes broken down by the number of days they run and their location.

7-Day Surfboard Board Building Class

Everything you need to know about the week-long classes in surfboard building that we hold on our farm in Maine.

4th Annual Surf Re-Evolution

What do you think of when you hear about wood fired surf wax, home made pizza ovens, mushroom handplanes and a stone surfboard? Yup, it’s that time of year, time for the 4th Annual Surf Re-Evolution. Mark your calendars for Saturday September 27th cause you’re not going to want to miss it.

4th Annual Surf Re-Evolution- It's Gonna be Good

In front of the lens

My brother Nick has been a huge part of Grain quite literally since day one. I remember it well: a few guys were kicking around the garage amongst the tools, boards, and shaping stands. The conversation was moving quickly, from surfing and shapes to construction techniques and materials.

In front of the Lens