Introducing- PlyBeam Surfboard Kits

For almost two decades, we’ve been singularly focused on designing the best wooden surfboards you can build. Thousands of home builds later, we’ve listened to your feedback, looked at every step, thought about each tool and paused at each hurdle; and then strived to create a simpler more intuitive method for homebuilders.

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Introducing- Main Street

A new skateboard model by the Grain NY crew and their community.

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The Shortboard Revolution In Wood

Over the past few months, we've had the honor of building a replica early 70's McTavish single fin.

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Blogs and Tales

Right Coast Dispatch No. 5

Matt Entwistle gets all quantum on us: the road, what we know, and the nature of time.

"Be-the-Tee" Contest Winners!

You voted for the winners of our T-shirt design contest... now you can exercise your right to own one!

Right Coast Dispatch No. 4

Matt Entwistle reflects on the value of experience as the Right Coast Road-Trip passes through Cape Hatteras & Virgina Beach

Right Coast Dispatch No. 3

Matt Entwistle looks back on Grain's visit to Wrightsville Beach, NC

Right Coast Dispatch No. 2

Matt Entwistle reports from the road: Jacksonville Bch, FL to Savannah Ga

Right Coast Dispatch No. 1

Matt Entwistle reports from the road: Annapolis MD, Washington DC, St Augustine FL

Win a Mini-Simmons

We're raffling a sweet new Mini-Sim to benefit the Delaware chapter of the Nature Conservancy in partnership with the Dogfish Head Beer & Benevolence program. Win it!

New T-Shirt Design Competition!

Grain Surfboard's newest T-shirts could have your art on them... Win our contest and get a $100 gift certificate, plus the T you helped design.