Introducing- Main Street

A new skateboard model by the Grain NY crew and their community.

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The Shortboard Revolution In Wood

Over the past few months, we've had the honor of building a replica early 70's McTavish single fin.

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5-Day Stand-Up Paddleboard Building Class

Everything you need to know about our 5-day Chesapeake Light Craft SUP class that we are holding on our farm in Maine.

Workshop Gift Certificates

Give him or her the chance to build their own surfboard and you secure your place in the gift-giver's hall of fame. They'll never forget it.

Thanks For a Great Start

Grain-NY's first year was great thanks to local artists, partners, and you.

Best Re-Evolution Ever.

Last month's Surf Re-Evolution event had more stuff, more friends, more fun than ever. If you missed it, we're sorry... If you were there: thanks!

Off-Season Custom Furniture Shop

It's the off-season at Grain-NY and Brian's keeping the crew busy helping him with another of his personal passions: custom furniture design.

We Believe. Do You?

Easier-than-ever surfboard kits should banish all doubts you may have of your own awesomeness. We're throwing a 15% discount on kits to prove it.

Surf Re-Evolution 2016

An annual autumn event filled with food, music, art, surfing, surfboards, and ideas. Join us on Saturday September 24 for a memorable day.

Experiencing an Island

Musings on our <span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="/shoals" target="_blank">September class on the Isles of Shoals</a></span> and what it's like to live on an Island. You might have to try it...