Introducing- Main Street

A new skateboard model by the Grain NY crew and their community.

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The Shortboard Revolution In Wood

Over the past few months, we've had the honor of building a replica early 70's McTavish single fin.

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Introducing the Thick Lizzy

A year in the making, one of Ryan Lovelace's favorite shapes now available in wood.

The Gift of Handmade

A few last minute ideas for woodworkers and want-to-be's.

15% Off Workshops and Just $750 Down

Sign someone up for a 2018 workshop before the Holidays and save your hard-earned cash.

Thankful For A Swell Fall

When busy workshops, epic waves and beautiful weather dictate all.

Los Angeles Surfboard Building Class

Build a Grain Surfboard in Frogtown. Four days and you walk away for a board ready-to-glass.

Home is Where You Share It...

Wherein we take a look back at a packed August class in our new home by the beach.

NEW: Tree-Hollow T For a Limited Time

NEW Finless Workshop and Re-Evolution News