The Sapling: Then & Now

The Sapling was first built in 2006 when we were in our first real shop, a little red barn that had no heat but lots of character. We didn’t have a lot of shapes back then so it was always fun to lay out new designs on plywood. A customer would give us a sense of an outline and the types of waves he wanted to surf, and we’d get to it, laying down some key marks, flexing battens and drawing fair lines between it all. Once we had half an outline and a stringer profile to work from, we could measure cross sections and create a table of offsets much like you would when designing a boat the old fashioned way. We’d have a thickness and width for each frame location, then we’d work out the rail shape from there.

Our first Sapling was built for a customer who was looking for a board to step down to from his usual longboard. Mid-lengths weren’t a thing like they are now, so some of the inspiration for this model came from older and shorter 70’s single fins. Needless to say, the Sapling has been around the block a few times and we’re proud to continue it in the lineup.

                   The first Sapling built in our first real shop back in 2006. 

One of the first places we felt there was a “gap” in our line-up was in the mid seven foot range. With our new 7’6” Sapling, we’re stoked to have a very versatile, proper mid-length. We’re keeping the 8’ for those who want a bigger platform and gave the Sapling a couple tweaks. We moved the wide point slightly forward, to keep the volume under the chest for paddling and drawing the tail out a bit for a quicker responsiveness. Then, we accentuated the bottom contours so the single to double concaves really come through during the build to properly create lift up front then channel the water through the fins and help rail-to-rail transition in the tail. Take a look at the slightly tweaked- and sleeker than ever- Sapling here. Available as a custom board, HomeGrown Kit, or to build in one of our workshops

                   Our updated  Sapling available in 7'6" or 8' lengths. 


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