Right Coast Road Trip: Home Schooling The Atlantic Seaboard

Sharing the experience from Maine to Florida and back.

Right Coast Road Trip: Home Schooling The Atlantic Seaboard



2005 was a pivotal year in the surf world. After 50+ years of foam dominance, Grubby Clark saw the writing on the wall and closed up an operation that supplied most of the foam to the world's shapers. He knew change was imminent. But while it was a dark day for many, it’s hard to not feel like it was bittersweet, because it helped inspire a whole new population of open-minded surfers to explore new territory. Challenges foster ideas, and ideas inspire change.

Quite apart from Grubby's doomsday decision, in 2005 we already had plans and knew where we were heading. From day one, our values drove us... We wanted to use traditional tools and dedicate ourselves to hand-crafting things of functional beauty. We wanted to use natural materials grown in local forests to build boards that could last a lifetime. We wanted craftsmanship, and the days of Tom Blake, when surfers themselves experimented with design and construction to be re-born. We were hooked from that first board we built and, early on, knew that we wanted to share the experience with others. We've always known that the experience of crafting one's own anything - be it a surfboard or a cutting board - brings more satisfaction and pride and enduring happiness then can be simply bought off a store shelf... at least that's what the scholars say.


So now, with ten years since that first board, our little enterprise - inspired by sharing these rewarding ideas - is hitting the Atlantic Seaboard! We’ll be banging around between New York and Florida for eight weeks this spring as we home-school you (or at least close-to-home-school) in the craft of building your own functional art. Right-coast surfers should definitely think about joining us for four days of clamping, building, shaping and sanding. We promise: you'll go home with a sense of pride and accomplishment you may be unfamiliar with up to now, plus a surfboard you'll want to pass along to your kids. Check the links at the right - you'll find an info button for more details, and you can reserve a spot right now. These dates fill fast, and there are a limited number of spots in each, so get on it.

If you can't break out four days to build your own board, plan to meet up with us along the way anyhow. We'll be stopping at surf shops and other cool spots to offer one-day hand-plane workshops and just to hang out, reconnect with former students, meet people who've built their own at home (bring your stick!). Plus we'll take every chance to park our quiver at beaches along the way where you can demo our boards and join us in other extra-curricular tomfoolery. We'll be posting and watching on all our social media, so keep an eye out and keep in touch. And of course, check back here on our site for schedule updates as well.

We're excited and honored to have Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Vissla on board. Two companies that embrace thoughtful, hand-crafted products. Thanks to their support, we can look forward to connecting with even more of you, sharing stories - and making new ones - along the way.

Vissla is a clothing brand that represents creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators. We embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance surfing, and craftsmanship. This is a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality. We are creators and innovators. www.vissla.com

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery makes "Off-centered Ales for Off-centered People"and through its Beer and Benevolence program, endeavors to creatively collaborate in fostering community, nourishing artistic advancement and cultivating environmental stewardship. www.dogfish.com