Right Coast Dispatch No. 2

Matt Entwistle reports from the road: Jacksonville Bch, FL to Savannah Ga

Right Coast Dispatch No. 2


by Matt


Next Time: We re-visit the Right Coast Road Trip in Wilmington NC


Dispatch Number Two: Gathering No [Spanish] Moss

Fueled by our recent wanderings we climbed into Larry, our 1991 F-150 and made way for Wrightsville Beach, our destination and temporary home for the coming week. Near the end of that week, we hop on our bikes once more, pedaling a large loop of Cedar island.

The spring rain has come in bursts recently and after more driving, ferrying, and scouting for surf, we got settled in on a long, clean piapo wave that - though small - delivered the best rides of our trip. The only way to travel.

Matt Entwistle and Nolan Collins will be reporting from the road until their return sometime before summer. Matt's going to be sending more dispatches which we'll post here in the blog... but for a daily dose, keep up with their progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Our next move was to Georgia whose maritime hammock ecosystem and multitude of unique barrier islands stood in stark contrast to Florida's long, sandy coastline. We made sure to get lost in the lush riverine estuaries and tidal marshlands that go on forever and are reminiscent of a Mark Twain novel. With a couple days to burn before our next workshop we hopped a ferry to Cumberland Island, a world apart from the mainland and steeped in history. We hiked through a corridor of ancient live oak trees spilling over with Spanish moss and eventually came to ruins that, during the war of 1812, were occupied by the British. Though it's changed hands several times, today it's a national park, and open to the public. After an afternoon of hiking around and catching glimpses of the wild horses that are the island's only full time residents, we headed back to the dock stopping only to occasionally climb cartoon-like trees, our only salvation from the hot southern sun.

Being on the road is about nothing if not movement - whether we're driving, skating, biking. or paddling, we feel ourselves part of a travelogue filled with great people and motion. With our southern-most stop behind us, we got our last chance to surf in board shorts at Jacksonville Beach after connecting with some great people at our hand plane event hosted by Jax’s Surf and Paddle.


Before moving farther north, we decided to make a stop in Savannah, not to be missed if you can help it. We abandoned our rig and set out on bikes for an evening of people watching and good southern cuisine and culture. Weaving through slow moving traffic along the well-lit river and onto cobble stone streets, we passed by buskers and art students; which, though typical for Savannah, for us created a unique atmosphere and welcome respite from the road.