Surf Re-Evolution 2015

An annual autumn event filled with food, music, art, surfing, surfboards, and ideas. Join us on Saturday September 24 for a memorable day.

Surf Re-Evolution 2015


Good Eats, Good Drink, Good Music

They bring all the trappings of a great event... so we feel lucky that the people we've profiled below line up behind us every year to make one autumn day a day to remember. You can't surf hard, explore ideas or hang out in style without the sustenance these good folks provide. Enjoy.

Re-Evolutionary People

We're honored each year to have some great, out-of-the-box thinkers who work in and around surfboards come to share what they know, and to just kick back and enjoy the day. They'll be hanging around most of the time so you can get to know them - many will be participating in activities we have planned as well. Some will be bringing boards for you to try during the beach demo; ask the shapers all about them once we get back to the farm. Good, generous, fun people, each and every one!


What was once a little potluck and movie that we threw together with some friends has become an annual tradition that's filled with an insane variety of stuff to do. Held on the farm in-and-out of the barns and buildings, we welcome hundreds of people every year including some really interesting people we work with on special projects from time to time. Some of them bring art or their craft, and then do it live on the lawn or in the barn or where ever we set 'em up. But with the movies (usually two!) and the art, and the live music, and the wood-fired surf wax making and all the stuff we put together for kids, it's turned into a packed day of head-swiveling and bro-hugging. Plus, there's plenty of food cooked by some of the area's cooler chefs and hash-slingers as well as beer provided by our pals at Dogfish and Smuttynose. We're even aiming to make it a zero-waste event thanks to the good people at Mr Fox Composting.

6th Annual Surf Re-Evolution: Mark your calendars for Saturday September 24th cause you’re not going to want to miss it.

Bring your kids, your parents, your friends… heck, bring your surfboard (especially if you built it yourself!) The day kicks off at Long Sands Beach with a board demo: come on down and try a variety of boards of all shapes and sizes – both ours and those of invited shapers. Then head to our shop on the farm at 1pm for fun and festivities. This year, in addition to all of our other special guests, we're excited to showcase custom wood burned art by Randy Gaetano in the hay barn. So save your pennies, make some room on your walls and come prepared to take home some art!

Paddle for a Purpose

This year, we're teaming up with Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop and the big-hearted folks at Humans for Oceans (H4O) to couple Surf Re-Evolution with an 18-mile paddle from The Wall to Long Sands. H4O asked us all to select a good cause to receive a share of the funds raised during the Wall-to-Woods paddle, and we picked those dauntless greenway guardians, the York Land Trust.

This local land trust kicks ass in a serious way to get land set aside all over our watershed. Since they convert every penny they get into protected habitat, any time you're looking for a great, hard-working bunch of do-gooders to carry your torch, you can head over to their website, see all they do, and toss them a nice donation. If you sign up for the paddle, we'll welcome you into the event for free. 'Cause you deserve it. Get a team of pals together and maybe collect some pledges (from their pals) to reward these good causes - and you - for your efforts.

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