An Aussie Comes to Maine

It’s not everyday someone flies halfway around the world to build a board with us. But this past January, Rick Kuo did just that.

It all started years back when Rick purchased a Waterlog Kit from us to build at his home in Sydney Australia. Like a lot of homebuilders, Rick was in touch with Mike here in the shop on more than one occasion to get tech help along the way. Rick did an incredible job building his log and it’s become his go to longboard for smaller days.


Rick and Mike kept in touch time to time over the years, mostly just a friendly hello. But Rick always dreamed of building another board, though this time he was determined to come to Maine to build it alongside us. A few months back he called and locked in a Fantasy Camp for dates that worked best for him.

Arriving in Maine via NYC, Rick settled right in, working with Nolan on his board and quickly becoming  part of the crew. He spent 5 straight days with us, head down building his own 5’10” Waka, a board he hopes will become his new go-to shortboard. One of the benefits of a private workshop is having the whole shop at your disposal, so while the glue was drying on the board, Rick was able to create his own glass-on fins made from scrap plywood. He created his fin outline, built a mold to create a nice resin halo, foiled the outside face and laid some glass up on both sides to give it strength.


Rick started with gluing up his own planks and by the end of day 5 was laminating fiberglass on his board. A huge accomplishment and a great way to head home, full experience behind you and a vision of the final product in your head.


During the week, we realized it had been 11 years since Rick first started emailing. But I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Beautiful board Rick and it was great having you here! We’re reminded in these cases why we do what we do. Rewarding experiences, an growing community of friends, and the best hand-built surfboards going.


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