Half Our Guys Disappear

One day we came into the shop to find half our guys gone. A bunch of missing boards gave us a clue...

Half Our Guys Disappear



Scheduling time off is always a trick here at Grain. We plan our seasons the season before and while we all enjoy a pretty flexible working environment, finding a chunk of time for travel is often challenging. But some of the guys are getting better at just laying down the law, and blocking out time for adventures.

A few weeks back, between a busy summer and a crazy fall, Nolan, Matt and Andrew from the shop, along with Matt’s friend Eduardo, took a week or so off to head downeast (and beyond) in search of trails, empty lineups and quiet campsites. Their plan? Just pack up some boards, bikes and sleeping gear, shut off their phones, and hit the road.

Our friends at Sperry heard about the trip and decided to get in on the action. They hooked the guys up with some gear, and challenged them to find a way inspire someone along the way to "continue the adventure". The guys decided to build a paipo as they travelled and just leave it at the beach with an encouraging note.

Here are some pics (credit- Leah Fisher Arsenault) and great little video about their travels, all made possible by the fine folks at Kingspoke.


by Mike