Workshop Gift Certificates

Give him or her the chance to build their own surfboard and you secure your place in the gift-giver's hall of fame. They'll never forget it.

Workshop Gift Certificates


Luck Cuts Both Ways...

Brad Anderson


Once in a while - more than rarely, but not often - we have someone attend a workshop whose wife/fiance/boyfriend/parent/lifelong friend/sister-in-law/significant other/etc. treated them to the experience of building their own surfboard by reserving a seat for them in that workshop. That giving someone - we think - usually knows, or at least hopes, that they are giving something more memorable than any mere gift of a "thing". Even though science tells us that experiences are more memorable and more valuable than any stuff we may accumulate, we have only to think back into our own lives to immediately recognize that the "best" of it which comes to mind is mostly about a place, a time, a group of amazing people, an experience.

And so, even as we congratulate the student on his/her luck at having been given a gift that we at Grain get to get every day, I often dwell on the congratulations due to the gracious giver; they too are lucky. Lucky that they have someone important in their lives, fortunate that they see the value of experience over acquisition, and blessed that they saw and took the chance to give to another.

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