Introducing the Thick Lizzy

A year in the making, one of Ryan Lovelace's favorite shapes now available in wood.

Introducing the Thick Lizzy



by Nolan

We first met Ryan Lovelace a number of years back at The Boardroom Show in Del Mar. This soft-spoken, long-haired guy in the booth next to ours had some truly interesting looking boards. We got to chatting and found he had some really cool ideas about boards—alternative ideas—the ones we like best! Little did we know he’d go on to win the Icons of Foam shape off a couple years later and establish quite the following for his shapes and ideas.

In 2016, we were honored to have Ryan join us as our guest shaper invite to the Surf Re-Evolution event. While we had him at the shop, we started chatting about the possibility of a board collaboration. After trying out a couple of our shapes at the demo at Long Sands, Ryan came back with an idea—the Thick Lizzy. This foiled out glider he’d been working on recently in a variety of sizes would be well-suited for a wooden construction and suitable for a wide variety of riders and conditions.

We’ve spent the past year working on a replica of an 8’ Thick Lizzy. Starting with a board 100% hand shaped just for us, we first took a 3D scan of the entire surface. From that 3D rendering, we turned it into a frameset and commenced building. After a couple prototypes and some redesigns to get all the construction and shape dialed in perfectly we were finally happy with our wooden version. There was only one step left, for the board to meet its maker.

The plan to meet Ryan at his shop in Santa Barbara had a last-minute schedule change when Ryan called to tell us he was going to sneak a surf in before heading back to the shop. So the meeting began in the water, where after a few waves we swapped boards—one of his newest variations of the Thick Lizzy for our wooden version. After a couple quick waves he paddled over and noted how good the board felt, “you can’t notice really any weight difference in the water”. He got an amazing last ride in, swooping high and low on the wave, stalling ever so slightly, and then really stepping on the gas for a racy inside section. “Oh man, that was so much fun!” he said, looking back out to the line-up before going on to describe in more detail the finer feelings of the board on each section of the wave, demonstrating his vast and deep knowledge of the hydrodynamics of surfcraft. When we asked Ryan for his official approval of the shape, he replied “For sure! I’d sign off on that.”

The 8’ Thick Lizzy is now available as a custom build, as well as an option for a workshop or kit build. We’ll be working with Ryan to offer more sizes in the coming year.

Surf shots courtesy of Saltwatersoulutions- Laura Holman