3-Hour Skateboard Building Class

Morning or afternoon workshops, every day all summer and weekends the rest of the year. A fun, fast way to get a premium skateboard customized for you, by you.

3-Hour Skateboard Building Class


Skateboard Building Class

Three Hours - Morning or Afternoon (New York location only)

Workshop Summary

Where: At the Grain-NY Shop in Amagansett NY. This workshop is not offered in Maine.

Duration: Three hours, any day of the week during summer, and every weekend in the off-season, or by special appointment for groups or at your home or business. Classes start at 8:30am and 1pm

Options: add to reservation rate of $96
–Choice of Deck Blank (required: +$50 to +$80)
–Skate Package: wheels, bearings, trucks, spacers (optional: +$115- $175)
–Leave your deck for us to apply finish, hardware and grip-tape. (optional: +$30) Ship or pick-up.

Reservation: Use the reservation links at the top of this page, or email us for special group skateboard workshops or skateboard workshops for parties or events at your home or business in the New York area. Full payment is required to reserve a spot. Reservations close one hour before start, first-come-first-serve at the door.

... and also surfboards

For those interested in the 4-day surfboard workshops held in York, Maine and all Traveling Workshops currently scheduled. See the main schedule or the schedule by length & locale for a complete list of workshops... and for dates on Long Island at Grain-NY, check out the Grain-NY Schedule where you'll find 3 or 4-day workshops or can arrange for one-on-one classes and special group rates discounted for two or more students. If nothing fits your schedule, you could consider the Board Builder's Fantasy Camp: any dates you want (as long as we're free) plus you can build any board in our line. It's one-on-one; just you and a Grain board-builder for a week. Grain--NY Schedule
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Since way before pool skating was discovered, skateboards were a strictly DIY affair. But since we're all well beyond nailing old metal roller skates to the bottom of a two-by-four, and today, produce crates are strictly optional, DIY skateboard building needs to step it up.

More advanced skateboards beget more advanced tricks that require better skateboards so, of course, even a DIY skateboard has to hold its own. We don't remember how many years ago we started learning the secrets of great skateboard construction, but with the help of some very experienced deck designers and pressers, we've gathered together the know-how of how to build solid, long-lasting skateboards into a four-hour experience for young and old. The result is that you can build a board that performs great, is uniquely yours, and will shred for years to come. In this workshop, our instructors guide you through the process and secrets of deck lay-up, skateboard design and shaping, and the careful placement and installation of hardware. A single morning or afternoon is all it takes.

Photo: by Ralph Morse, June 1947.
(From the Life Photo Archive.)

Brooklyn Dumbo Loft
Sunday, July 15 2018

Building a skateboard yourself not only gets you... well, obviously, a skateboard, but it's also a lesson in careful craftsmanship that anyone can learn, as well as a lesson in patience and precision. Ideal for kids, but fun for people of any age that want to find that craftsman or craftswoman that's hidden deep inside them.

Reserve your spot (at the Amagansett, NY Shop only) using the reservation tool found just below, or call 631-267-9283 or email Grain-NY with questions
or to schedule special groups at our shop or at your home or business anywhere in the New York area (prices vary).

Materials costs are separate from the tuition. Base cost (tuition+materials for deck only) starts at about $140 ($90 to reserve).
Kids welcome! Ages 11 and under require parent to be present.

Weekday Workshops
Morning & Afternoon

Weekend Workshops
Morning & Afternoon

What You Get

Students choose from three different deck blanks to begin their skateboards. "Deck blanks" are big, roughly rectangular laminations pressed from solid-wood veneers - eight or nine layers thick, depending on the length of the skateboard - and have the camber, kick and concaves already formed in. That means you get to either design the outline or use one of our tried-and-true designs.

Our decks are made from sustainably grown maple veneers for ultimate strength, but have outer veneers of other hardwoods, arranged with contrasting-colored stringers as a nod to our surfing roots. We usually have deck blanks with a variety of outer veneers - whatever our deck-pressers were inspired by - you'll usually find walnut, cherry, maple, red oak and more. We don't take custom requests before the day for special lay-ups; just pick a beauty off our ready-rack and we'll get to work. The deck blank you select determines your materials cost for the day. Expect a Materials Rate of $50 to $80 for every class (choose from longboard or single-kick blanks 30" 42" or 48" - longboards and specialty woods are at the high end of that range). See Workshop Summary.

We'll have everything else you need as well: supplies, grip-tape and water-based coatings to finish it all off with. That's all included in your Materials Rate. Select a Skate Package on the day for your choice of wheels, bearings, trucks and spacers. You can take your skateboard home at the end of the day to finish at home with the included materials, or leave it and we'll apply three coats of rugged spar varnish for you. Pick it up, or we'll arrange for shipping.

What You Learn

We'll open the workshop by pressing a couple of new decks as a group. We'll cover cross-veneering, glue, pressure requirements and show you how to create a patterned top or bottom veneer. Then, on your selected deck blank, scribe in one of our tried-and-true outlines, or design your own, then check for symmetry, cut it out and shape. We'll help you determine whether you'll need cutouts for your wheels, and to position them properly. As a group, we'll precisely locate and drill for the trucks, and countersink just enough. After a quick sanding, you'll be ready to wood-burn or brand your board to make it uniquely yours if that's your thing.

Under constant guidance (for those that want it) you'll learn to use some basic woodworking tools, like handplanes, rasps, spokeshaves, a jigsaw or bandsaw, and a drill press, techniques for handling them safely, as well as to design grip-tape patterns, and apply finishes.

Despite the small package, there are a host of woodworking and shop techniques to be learned in the building of a single skateboard, not least of which is careful planning and patience.