Isles of Shoals Boardbuilding

Build a Grain Surfboard at the Isles of Shoals, six miles off the coast of Maine. Four days and you walk away for a board ready-to-glass.

Isles of Shoals Boardbuilding


Isles of Shoals Board Building Class


Star Island in the Isles of Shoals is a ten-mile ferry ride out into the North Atlantic from Portsmouth NH. In the best part of fall this year, it's gonna be the setting for the only mid-ocean surfboard-building class we've ever done. It can't help but be special. (see pics) And because this location's so incredible, we've stretched our normal 4-day course out for an extra day or so to give time for everyone to enjoy all the other things that Star Island has to offer and to accommodate the ferry schedule.

With 43 acres of island, thirty historic buildings, lots of fun people and incredible staff, boats, food, drink, sunsets and more, there's plenty to do but also plenty of space in which to just chill out and relax. Many people feel transported deep back into the last century as the place feels quite timeless.

See below for more information about this really special class. Tuition rates include way more stuff that we've ever packed into a single class, only because we wanna make sure you have every possible opportunity to enjoy this incredible place.

What You Get:

The Extras

While the board building and quality instruction will be the same (see below) this is definitely not the same experience you’d get by coming to the farm. As in all our workshops, each student leaves at the end with a board ready-to-glass, but also we're offering this as a pretty all-inclusive experience that makes it a no-brainer to just show up ready for a perfect mix of chilling out, challenging instruction, and a picture-perfect place to stay.

All these extras are also included:

  • three meals a day - Meals are taken family style and there's plenty of opportunity to get to know the regular members of the community.
  • ferry transport for one person from Portsmouth, NH to Star Island (and return)
  • five night's single accommodation in the historic Oceanic Hotel or one of the other great buildings
  • a free lobster dinner,
  • a boat cruise around the islands,
  • use of rowboats and other equipment
  • Star Island also hosts other groups that often open their doors to people interested in what they do.
  • plus, all sorts of other activities for you as an individual, or for the group to do together that you might think would be available on an island out in the Atlantic

Note that accommodations on Star Island are of a somewhat rustic, traditional family-summer-camp quality such as you'd expect on a semi-remote island, and we're including a single room reservation in the tuition. If you have special needs (for instance, you'd like to bring your family along or want to double-up in accommodations with a friend) let us know, and we'll do our best to arrange it and adjust your tuition accordingly.

There's always someone playing music somewhere on the island - be sure to bring your own musical instrument if you like to jam.

What You Get:

A Surfboard You Built

Just as in all our workshops, students will have their choice of building any shape we offer as a HomeGrown Kit (see list at right). Each student takes home his/her own board home ready for glassing and finishing on their own. Materials used in the board and those to be taken home with the student are the same as used in Grain Home Grown kits – sustainably grown cedar, zero-VOC bio-epoxy, etc. The cost of all materials, supplies (including glassing supplies) as well as selected pages of detailed instruction on glassing and finishing ($520- $820 value) are included in the course.

What You Learn

Two Grain board builders will be available to guide students through the easy step-by-step process to ensure that each board that leaves the class will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind surfboard that will last a lifetime. We will learn basic surfboard design concepts, the simple application of steam to manipulate wood into shapes, adhesive applications, elements of edge tool work, glassing and effective use of epoxy. We'll do our best to arrange glassing demonstrations as it's possible to help students learn the techniques they'll need to use should they choose to glass at home. Some initial prep work will be done by us before you arrive. We hope to do some presentations to the larger Star Island community as well, to which all will be welcome.

We know this class will fill quickly, so look through the FAQ's, browse the site, then use the schedule links at right to reserve your shaping stand soon... or contact us if you have any questions.

Sign-up Extension!

We've extended the last signup date for this one-of-a-kind workshop to August 22, 2016.

We have only a few spots left!

If you don't see dates that work for you, check our full schedule. There may be traveling classes close to you. Or come to Maine - it's a beautiful place, and hanging at our shop is an experience in itself! There's also our Board Builder's Fantasy Camp: any dates you want (as long as we're free) plus you can build any board in our line. It's one-on-one; just you and a Grain board-builder for a week.

Days: Six days, some days partial.

More Details: see below, or these links:

Course Schedule, All Classes
Class FAQs

Reservation: Full tuition is required to reserve a spot. Tuition is semi-non-refundable.

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