Paipo & Handplane Workshops

Spend the day or just a few hours and shape a Paipo or Handplane from prepared blanks we provide. A great activity for seasoned surfers and kids alike.

Paipo & Handplane Workshops


Handplane and Paipo Workshops

If you don't see dates that work for you, check our full schedule. There may be traveling classes close to you. Or come to Maine - it's a beautiful place, and hanging at our shop is an experience in itself! There's also our Board Builder's Fantasy Camp: any dates you want (as long as we're free) plus you can build any board in our line. It's one-on-one; just you and a Grain board-builder for a week.

Days: Paipos can take most of the day, and some handplane students only drop by for a couple of hours.

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We often find ourselves with a few free days on our hands, so we like to slot some fun, short workshops in for those of you who can't commit to a full board-building workshop. We break out some solid-wood blanks that we have prepared, and set you up to shape out a custom handplane or paipo shape all your own. Shaping handy little surf-craft out of solid wood is a welcome treat, giving you loads of blank canvas to create anything that you can dream up.

With this is mind, we've set ourselves up with a nifty little handplane shaping table and some paipo-sized shaping stands, and are now offering half-day and full-day workshops here in Maine, down at the Grain-NY shop on Long Island, as well as on the road, east and west. Casual in nature and often first-come first-serve, these abbreviated workshops are a great way to whet your woodworking whistle, providing you the opportunity to try some tools and create a sweet little wave riding vehicle with low cost and little risk of mucking anything up. Check at right for dates and info.

What You Get

If you're making a handplane, you'll get what you shape obviously, but it also includes our custom recycled hand-strap made from bicycle inner tube and wet-suit off-cuts, velcro-adjustable and ready to use. We have a unique low-impact mounting system as well and a little wood sealer so you'll be ready to get in the water the next day.

Paipo builders get what they shape as well - but the beauty of the Paipo is its simplicity - it starts with a four-foot solid cedar blank and that's pretty much all you'll need. Seal it with oil or varnish (we'll have some on-hand) and you're ready to go.

Most people would need 6 to 8 hours to shape and sand their own paipo, and 1 to 2 hours to make a handplane, depending on what they have in mind. On occasion, we limit classes to just one or the other (either paipos or hand planes) so if you don't see the one you want listed at right, that means we don't have any scheduled - keep checking back. If you have a group, we can usually find a time to slot a special class just for you into the schedule. Contact us to inquire.

What You learn

We bring blanks that are the right size and shape to start with, set you up on a workstation, give you some preliminary how-to with the tools you'll be using and techniques you'll want to try out, and you do the rest. We're there to answer questions about shape design, tool-use, and to hold your hand as much or as little as you want us to.

Mostly, you'll learn about a few traditional edge-tools and some techniques for using them. These are very free-style sessions, so what you learn from the experience will depend on what form your creativity takes!