Grain Surfboards: Now in Long Island NY

It's not fair to just sit here in Maine waiting for the world to come knocking: we decide to set up shop in Amagansett, New York.

Grain Surfboards: Now in Long Island NY


Colonizing The Urban Corridor

We've been on a mission: to help people from all walks of life - wherever they may be - to get a chance to experience the surprising rewards that come from building your own surfboard. And in pursuit of scratching that particular itch, we've spent countless hours thinking up new ways to bring the experience to people up and down the east and west coast in mobile rigs special-made for the purpose.

But we've always felt like there's more we could do, so when we met Brian Schopfer and Patrick Fleury when we realized that they embody the same weird mix of fun and intensity that we see in ourselves, we jumped at the chance to fold them into the fold as it were.

Patrick's from Maine but lives in New York City and his bro Brian (who's really his brother-in-law) moved down to Long Island just to work with us. They've helped us to put together a stellar permanent board-building workshop right where there also happens to be some pretty great surf, and now everyone that lives in that particular swath of the eastern seaboard has a close-by, full-on Grain experience right near home.

They've set up schedules for new board building classes that run all summer from May to September where they'll use the considerable woodworking and board-building experience they have to help others to catch the same bug that we have.


by Brad

The shop is located in the bottom of a 100-year-old livery stable that's been totally renovated and is around the corner from Amagansett square and just up the road from the beach. Couldn't be better.