Off-Season Custom Furniture Shop

It's the off-season at Grain-NY and Brian's keeping the crew busy helping him with another of his personal passions: custom furniture design.

Off-Season Custom Furniture Shop


Off-Season Offerings

Brad Anderson


On the East End of Long Island, most businesses shutter the windows and head south 'til it warms up again. But Brian runs the show at Grain-NY, and with a sweet shop at his disposal and workshops NOT scheduled every single week, he's got some time to pursue his other interests.

One of those is furniture design and custom furniture building. It's hard to know what will come from Brian's fertile mind as much of his inspiration comes not only from what his clients need, but also from what the wood offers. He often works from a well curated collection of live-edge slabs where the tree's shape helps to tell what the finished piece wants to be.

Found woods like barrel staves and reclaimed lumber are also well represented in Brian's work and lend a seasoned feeling to his designs.

Enjoy some of the samples shown on this page. Contact Brian at 631-267-9283 to inquire. We'll get some of his work up in the store as well.

Custom Furniture Offerings

  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Benches
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Barrel-Stave Mirrors
  • Barrel-Stave Swings
  • Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards extraordinaire.

One-of-a-kind mirrors (and swings!) come from reclaimed wine barrel staves.

Shelf unit with Steel-band legs

Any custom furniture piece you can dream up - beds, benches, tables. Anything is possible.

Schopfer Designs often start with live-edge slabs

A curated collection of wood slabs is the starting point for beds, benches and tables.