Surfboard Builders Fantasy Camp

Solo instruction in building a Grain Surfboard. Bring a friend, spouse, spawn, or parent for a really special week you'll never forget.

Surfboard Builders Fantasy Camp


Surfboard Builder's Fantasy Camp


Fantasy Camp is a chance to get a personalized experience that we fit into your schedule. We originally set this up because people just seemed so disappointed when a class filled before they could get a spot, and we wanted to figure out how to help. But it's turned out to be something very personal and memorable for the students and the instructors.

Just call or email with the dates you'd like to come and the board you'd like to build, and we'll do our best to create a custom experience for you. In general, the 4-day option is perfect for anyone looking to build a shape that is available as a HomeGrown Kit. Make it a 7-day class if you're looking to either start from the beginning by glueing up your own bottom planks, or if you're looking to build one of the more advanced shapes that are not available as a Kit.

We've had couples and friends and family members do Fantasy Camps together - it's intense but fun. Get the details below.

One caveat: this class is not intended for aspiring commercial board builders – we just want to share with surfers the great feeling of building your own board.

What You Get

One-On-One Attention: This is the only chance we offer you to get the personal attention of a seasoned Grain board-builder all to yourself.

Build Any Board We Make: That’s pretty huge, because our regular classes select only from our line of kits. When it comes to detail work, there’s no holds barred – if you can imagine it, we’ll try to help you make it happen. You just might have to opt for the 7-day option, but that's great with us.

Stay One Week, or Two: You can take your board home with you, ready for glassing and finishing or take a day off then use the next six days to glass your new stick.

Get Fed, Stay Happy: For the first week, we throw in a sit-down breakfast and lunch out in the builder’s lounge each day. If you stay a second week, the schedule is too spread out and we can’t plan meals… you’re on your own. For your entire stay, you’ll take care of your own dinner costs as well as accommodations, although we’re happy to recommend some nice places around the area.

Get All You Need: Materials used in the board and those to be taken home with you are the same as the ones used in Grain Home Grown kits – sustainably grown cedar, zero volatile organic compound epoxy, etc. The cost of all materials, supplies and selected pages of detailed instruction on glassing and finishing ($520- $820 value) are included in the course. The glassing supplies to be shipped to your home are also included as is use of all of the tools needed and access to the shop, showers, wireless internet, and lounge.

What You learn

A Grain board builder will guide you through the step-by-step process to ensure that yours will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind surfboard that will last a lifetime. You’ll learn basic surfboard design concepts, the simple application of steam to manipulate wood into shapes, adhesive applications, elements of edge tool work, glassing and effective use of epoxy. Depending on the style of board you end up building you may learn some advanced woodworking techniques that other classes don't have a chance to become exposed to.

Listed below are workshops held in York, Maine. For others, see the main schedule or the schedule by length & locale and for dates on Long Island at Grain-NY, check out the Grain-NY Schedule. Grain--NY Schedule

Days: Four days or Seven days, you pick 'em (plan for two weeks if you'd like to stay to glass)

Tuition: $2500 for a 4-day class or $3,000 for a 7-day class (See Course Description for an explanation of the differences)

Bring a friend…
—If they build their own, an additional $1675 for 4-day/ $2,000 for 7-day.
—If you do one board together, an additional $500 for 4-day/ $800 for 7day.
—We can do it for you (prices vary) or
—Stay another seven days and do it yourself ($800 ea)

More Details: see below, or these links:
–Day-to-Day Activities - What we do each day is pretty flexible, especially if you’re staying two weeks.
Class FAQs
Lodging Suggestions

Reservation: Full payment is required to reserve a shaping stand. Call or email to start a conversation about dates. Tuition is semi-non-refundable.