All Grain Classes by Location/Duration

To help you find just the right class for you, a list of all classes broken down by the number of days they run and their location.

All Grain Classes by Location/Duration


All Classes by Location and Length

You can see all the classes we have scheduled here, categorized by the geographic location and number of days that the class runs. For more info on any one of these classes, just click the class you're interested in and use the "More Info" button in the slide-out at right. Our full list of upcoming classes can also be found sorted by date, or in the Calendar. Call or drop an email if you have any questions or check out our FAQs on Classes and other stuff. Not shown here are dates for the Board Builder's Fantasy Camps because you pick the dates that fit your schedule.

Daily & Weekend
Skate Workshops


Held in Amagansett, NY, seven days a week all summer, and weekends in the off-season.

8:30am - 12:30pm

1pm - 5pm

Off-Season Weekends