HomeGrown Kits, Buy Now, Save Twice

If you've been thinking about a kit for yourself or a friend/family member, now is DEFINITELY the time.

HomeGrown Kits, Buy Now, Save Twice




by Mike

Short winter days make for productive time in the shop. Take advantage of it cause from now until Dec 15th, we’re offering free shipping on all of our HomeGrown Surfboard Kits anywhere in the continental US. That’s a savings of up to $200 depending on which board you want to build and where in the lower 48 you live.

Not only that, but it only feels right to let you know that at the start of 2017, we’re forced to raise our kit price to account for the ever rising cost of materials. This is something we’ve avoided for years, but the time has come. The good news is, if you’ve built a kit in the past and struggled with some of the steps or are a little nervous as a first timer, rest assured, our new ari-rail tech makes the process easier, stronger and more foolproof than before.

So if you’re looking for surfboard that will last a lifetime and turn some heads everywhere you go, if you’re looking to work with your hands and build a deeper connection between you and the environment you enjoy when surfing, now is the time to build your own. You won’t regret it and it just might change your life... It’s been known to happen.

A beautiful HomeGrown 9' Root, ready to go.

"Being able to work with hand tools, on cedar, making a board was heaven to me. It was combining some beloved passions of mine. As I think I mentioned over the phone, when I was shaping the rails, I remembered wanting to shape surfboards for a living many years ago and I never pursued it. So it really unexpectedly fulfilled an old dream that had an impact on the rest of my life. I felt deeply satisfied and fulfilled from the experience."

Mark, Woodstock NY