Home is Where You Share It...

Wherein we take a look back at a packed August class in our new home by the beach.

Home is Where You Share It...




by Nolan

Coming to the end of August we’ve now spent nearly 3 months at our new shop at Rocky Acres, working hard to make it feel like home. The benches, stands, and machines are all set up. Ty Williams’ art and Nick LaVecchia’s prints are up on the walls. Shavings are littered about and resin outlines coat the glassing room floor. But the scene of over a half-dozen students happily planing away at their boards-to-be ultimately brought it all together. Now this feels like our shop.

Our August class drew students from three coasts of the US (New England, California/Alaska, and Buffalo New York). Two students were on summer break from regular courses at high school and nursing school. Another was a teacher: a professor of design! Three were old friends who met in Alaska –but you’ll have to ask them for the back story. Two boards were being built for significant others (sweeties take note). All seven boards were 8 feet or longer –good thing we have plenty of clamps here at Grain!

After wrapping up the first day, one of our students returned from a quick surf check via bike. The report: still little lines coming in from post-tropical cyclone Gert’s northwestern trajectory out to sea. We made one last check on the boards in progress then grabbed a few shop boards to rinse off the dust with an evening logging session!

The final day of class is always bittersweet. We hesitate until cars are started and ready to pull away to say our “see-ya-laters”. Before then we share a moment to let all the products of the last four days’ work sink in: a bunch of beautiful new boards built and friendships forged.

Now the bustle and buzz of the workshop has returned to the daily shop hum, but the echoes of the students in the workshop –like the shavings left behind—still inhabit this space. And it feels just like home.


On the weekend the workshop became a family affair. Matt’s father joined in to help with the final two days of building and shaping. Tim had the assistance of two of his kids in building a board for mom. The rest of the crew had friends and family stop by to see what the heck their loved ones had been up to for the last few days! Luckily, we had a lot to show for it.