Saturday Dec 10 - Craft Gathering and Potluck

Join us in the shop where you can build some sweet holiday gifts, or maybe just some stuff for yourself. Potluck directly following.

Saturday Dec 10 - Craft Gathering and Potluck




by Mike

You've heard all the sayings... buy local, support the arts, it's the thought that counts. Well, you can check them all off the list this Saturday December 10th by coming out to our Maker's Craft Day and Potluck.

From 12- 5pm, we'll have some of our favorite artists and product people here sharing what they do. Fan Si Pan will be here stitching up custom board socks, Jimbos will be helping you pour your own candles and lip balm, Meredith Radford will be doing her surf inspired artwork. You can create your own wreaths with Abby Chic or buy hand-made jewelry from Liz Muse. And of course we'll be here to help you make your own handplane, shape up a mini surfboard from one of mini kits, or customize your own skateboard.

Bring some grub to share and stick around from 5pm-7pm for a potluck and some holiday cheer! Look forward to seeing you all.