Grain Skateboards Ride Again

Gabriele Tise of Salvaged Skateboards is pressing new decks of our old favorites.

Grain Skateboards Ride Again



by Brad


And that's where we were for a while. Until a friend of a friend got us in touch with Gabriele Tise who's known in these parts as the engine behind "Salvaged Skateboards". We got together a few times, and liked Gabriele (never "Gabby") immediately. She's calm, cool and collected, and totally gets what we do. With our press and forms, she's banging out the Grain skate models that you know and - hopefully - love... complete with cedar veneer and the rest. But stay tuned, because we're planning on growing the line with Gabriele's help, too.

Transitions can be hard, but they say every challenge is an opportunity and we're looking forward to great things now that we have the opportunity to work with Gabriele. Plus: we love the chance to find and get to know new craftsmen and craftswomen - especially when they're locally grown.

A Dearth of Street-Surf

Grain Skateboards initially came to life as part of our "Offcuts Initiative" where we thought about all the ways that we could use wood that was too short, or too thin to go into surfboards. We originally thought we might be able to make an all-cedar deck, and flout the decades of smarter-than-us-people that already knew that was a bad idea. But it was our first deck presser - Courtney Strait - that had the chops to help us decide on six plies of maple that's all FSC certified as sustainably grown. We added a veneer of our left-over plank material from our surfboards, burned a brand into it, and developed a cool bamboo-cloth/epoxy non-skid surface for it.

But Courtney's moved on to other worlds and other professions, and though she still builds skateboards, she doesn't do it in our shop. Her moving on was a bummer because a) she's a hoot and b) we didn't have anyone else with the time or her skills to keep the decks coming. As a result: no skateboards coming out of our shop for the last year or so.

Time for the New Boss