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2 videographers, 6 days of shooting on 2 coasts, and lots of equipment- this may be the best 6 minutes on what we do that's ever been done.

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by Mike

Just a few weeks before Christmas, we were contacted by Bloomberg News with some interest in featuring us in their series called Made. Their window was tight, wanting to come up and film within just a week or so. We quickly prepped 3 surfboards of the same shape all in different stages "Julia Childs style" so that over the course of 3 days of filming, we could show most of the steps of the process.

Working with Brian and David from Bloomberg was a total pleasure. Not only did they film for 3 long days here in our shop, but they spent half a day at the CNC shop and another full day on the west coast with Nolan and friends in the water. Check out the video embedded here or visit their site for the full story with images.

It was a whirlwind of fun and effort, particularly for the editors and producers, but we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy.