Surfboards with a Soul

Randy Gaetano and his woodburnings have been a part of Grain since the early days. Here's why!

Surfboards with a Soul


The friendship I've shared with artist, surfer, snowboarder, hunter, gatherer and father Randy Gaetano goes back more than twenty-five years to small town football games and snowboarding local hills in southern Vermont. Life led Randy down many roads - he traveled the world as a pro snowboarder and eventually built himself a beautiful home in Costa Rica where he planned to settle. But instead, when Grain was just starting up, Randy returned stateside to become part of it and to raise a family here in York, Maine.

Randy puts his heart and soul into everything he does. If he's going to start a new hobby, he's going to do it 100%, immersing himself in not only the subject, but in the history, the theory, the methods, the variations and more. Randy truly strives to be a Master of All!

As an artist, Randy's interests have been broad and his work, varied. His range has included both full-scale installations at Phish shows around the country as well as incredibly detailed wood burning in his own basement studio.

While he's no longer on the payroll here at Grain, Randy's still a part of the Grain family and with each piece of custom artwork he burns into our boards, he allows us the pleasure of sharing his stunning work with you all. With years of experience and many custom surfboards behind him, we thought it would be a great time to showcase some of his work. Enjoy and let us know if you'd like your next board (whether you build it or we do) made even more unique.



by Mike