"Build Your Quiver" Incentive Plan

Since 2006, when we launched our HomeGrown Kits, we’ve been on a continual quest to enable people to not only build their own surfboard, but to build it using natural, sustainable materials. For us, that means not only providing the tools and resources that people need for every level of the experience, but by supporting and encouraging them to dive in head first. As any one of our thousands of kit or class customers could attest, the experience has an intrinsic value that the product itself could never have on its own. Our Build Your Quiver program is just one more thing we're doing to incentivize you to pick up that spring clamp and spokeshave. 


BYQ is our new incentive plan to encourage you to keep the momentum and build your next dream board. If you’ve bought a custom board from us, taken a workshop in Maine, New York or on the road, or built a board from one of our HomeGrown Kits, this program is for you. Add a second board to your quiver by signing up for a class or buying a kit, and we’ll offer you 10% off the price. Building your third board (or fourth or fifth...) by way of a kit or workshop... take 15% off. It’s that easy.


"I went in knowing nothing, and left with a passion for woodworking! So excited to find a new project soon, and hopefully make another board in Maine! I laughed so much over the last 4 days! I'm really grateful for the experience and thrilled with my board! Thank you for what you do and the way you do it!" Gail S. 


This program is intended for all HomeGrown Kit customers and Workshop students, past, present or future. Discounts do not apply towards custom boards, paper plans, framesets, downloadable plans, or other DIY products and cannot be shared with friends. They'll have to start with their own right-of-passage first board!  

Dont be alarmed if you see the full price at check out. If you're a repeat customer, place your kit order or sign up for a class using the same name we have on file from you're past order, and we'll credit you back your percentage off when we capture your funds. 

Questions? Give us a ring at 207-457-5313 or email us yiour questions at info@grainsurfboards.com


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