Best Re-Evolution Ever.

Last month's Surf Re-Evolution event had more stuff, more friends, more fun than ever. If you missed it, we're sorry... If you were there: thanks!

Best Re-Evolution Ever.


Sixth Annual Surf Re-Evolution

This One will be Hard to Beat


by Mike

Which is to say: though it's a ton of work, the sheer effort of it is easily diminished by the joy we get from the joy you get. Beyond our volunteers, staff and vendors, each of you who attends adds to that joy, one by one. Without you all - without your participation, enthusiasm, smiles, encouraging feedback, and more - an effort like this would be meaningless. And whether you came to make or see art; to eat, drink and be merry; to learn about shapes or our CAD tech or environmental initiatives; to see how skateboards are made or about solar power or how board shorts can come from recycled materials... it doesn't matter. You being here simply made our day.

Without question though, my own favorite part is the stories that come out of it, the relationships that are forged or strengthened, the ideas that are shared, and the hopeful small changes we all make as a result. This community - all of you that were here - you are why we do this and I sincerely cannot thank you enough for being a part of Surf Re-Evolution.

Today - a few weeks after our Surf Re-Evolution event - I'm still beaming a bit about what a special day it was. I'm reminded of the exciting days leading up... our special guests start arriving in town; old friends drop by for hugs and offering help; the beach becomes lined with surfboard-topped cars from New Jersey, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania and from all over New England. Among all that (and with it the anticipation of what we always hope will be an epic event) comes the addictive checking of buoy data and weather reports.

Once the day arrives, our volunteers and our awesome staff are putting into action all the last bits of planning that we hope will make the event run smoothly from start to finish. We get amped as the cars start pulling into the field, fresh from surfing the morning away at the beach demo. Forgotten are the weeks and weeks (and weeks) of planning, calls, scheduling, housing arrangements, band booking, sound-checks, equipment testing, sign painting, light hanging - a long list that stresses me a little even now to revisit. A huge amount of work is required to turn this farm and our shop into an event venue that will engage and entertain and feed more than a thousand people (our biggest year yet!)

Thanks to KINGSPØKE for the video!

More images at Rachel M. Fry Photography, and at The Sound

Images below courtesy Nick LaVecchia

Some Thanks:

To our amazing artists, shapers, creators, neighbors, musicians, brewers (click here for the full list), friends and families (and of course to Mother Nature for sunshine, waves and just a little rain the week earlier so that we could light up the night with the bonfire), we thank each of you for coming out and making it a special day for a thousand friends. Photos courtesy of Rachel M. Fry.

Some More Thanks:

A big thanks as well to our event sponsors, KINGSPØKE and Mizu, as well as to all of our amazing local breweries that hopped on board (pun intended) to become a big part of the day and for the ample supply of beer they kept flowing for a thousand celebrating friends. Thanks go to SoMe, Tributary, Earth Eagle, Rising Tide, Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery, and of course our friends at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.