We Believe. Do You?

Easier-than-ever surfboard kits should banish all doubts you may have of your own awesomeness. We're throwing a 15% discount on kits to prove it.

We Believe. Do You?


We Celebrate You... with a 15% Discount


by Brad

If you know us at all, you know how passionate we are about re-evolving pretty much everything we touch. True to our natures, we recently came up with yet another small step for mankind that scratches our itch in the best possible way. Why? Because it's one giant step toward our dream of removing every single imagined barrier that's kept a few of you from joining us in the pure joy we get from building our own. That first day paddling out on a fluid shape you've crafted yourself is beyond words. We want you to have that.

10' Waterlog

So in an effort to give every single surfer the chance to say "I made this myself" in reply to every beach-idler that asks where he or she got that a-MAZ-ing board, we've developed a streamlined, easier-than-ever revision to wood surfboard construction. You can see a full breakdown of it here.

But what does this mean for you who've doubted that you were capable of building your own surfboard? First of all, it means that you can (you always could!) But it also means that there are less clamps, less fussy work, and an injection of new-found confidence that your rails will come out perfect, your construction sturdy and long-lasting. Twelve year old kids have done this, and you can, too.

As always, we're just a phone call away if anyone building a Home Grown Kit has even the smallest question - and our ideal is to get back to you before you've even put down the phone. But on top of that, we're re-writing our (already) comprehensively detailed Kit Builder's Manual to address all the questions we've gotten over the last ten years from every first-time board builder that found something even a little bit vague.

Someone had to believe that we could walk on the moon before we would try; and you, building your own when you thought you couldn't... well, we want to celebrate your glorious audacity! So if you're that guy or gal, we'll do that by knocking 15% off your kit purchase for a limited time. The deal is this: for the next week or two, we'll give you a discount, and you'll give us until September to deliver your kit (we still have to finish the manual!). We'll even extend that discount to a rocker table kit if you want to make the process even easier. Use discount code "BringThatSh*tOn". Shoot for the moon.