Art Class

Art Class

Just finishing up the last class of 2009, what a year! Aside from building 6 beautiful boards, these guys had a special treat. Our friend Ty Williams was back in the shop to cover up more of our bare walls with his artwork. Ty's got some amazing talent, combining different mediums, blending reality with whatever he's got going on in his head. No matter what, he keeps things fresh and always adds some interesting perspective. You know Ty is around when the music is louder and people are laughing harder then usual.

Petter came all the way from Norway to be sure his rails came out perfectly.

Six students, six different shapes. This was the first class where no two boards were alike.

Alex 1, Petter, Bob, Alex 2 and Rob (missing Bob 2)

Aussie Bob with tools of the trade.


Ty first painted on some of the walls of our shop when we first moved in almost 3 years ago. We've been bugging him for more ever since.