Surf Re-Evolution Re-cap

Sowing the Seeds of Re-Evolution: we revisit the 2014 Surf Re-Evolution event - a perfect day.

Surf Re-Evolution Re-cap


We must have called in a lot of favors for the 4th Annual Surf Re-Evolution to go off the way it did. If you were one of the ones who made the trek from New Jersey or California or Michigan or India, you helped make this year’s event one we won’t soon forget. Flawless glassy waves arrived on our shoreline alongside the warmth of the sun and the friendly high fives and hugs from the community we feel so fortunate to be part of.

We’re proud and honored to be able to host all of you at our shop on the farm. Each and every one of you that attended contributed to making it a special event. And we feel like collectively we’re onto something pretty special; a celebration of thoughtfulness and creativity and passion, a chance to put away our preconceptions of what works and an opportunity to explore new ideas. Pretty special really.

And when the day is over and we sit back and reflect, it’s not the beautiful sounds of the Mattson 2 or Tiger Belly we remember (although can you believe we had The Mattson 2? Insane!), it’s not the beautiful cinematography and compelling stories from Misfit Productions and Tin Ojeda, nor the food or beer we hang on to. When we think about it, it’s the connections we make and the relationships we build, the things we learn and that conversation we had. That is what we cherish. Those are the seeds for a Re-Evolution. We hope you’ll come back and join us again.

Check out a great video re-cap of the event put together by our good friend Jim from KINGSPØKE, featuring a selection from The Mattson 2.

2014 Surf Re-Evolution with The Mattson 2 from KINGSPØKE.

Sowing the Seeds of Re-Evolution


by Mike