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Tools of the trade.

An a la carte offering of glues, epoxies, planks, hardware and more. Be sure visit our Board pages to order a Custom Board, HomeGrown Kit, frameset or board plans, or see our Build Options for more information. 

Entropy Epoxy Pack

Custom Rocker Table Kit

Extra Glue Pack

FCS Fin Plugs

Fiberglass Cloth - 4oz. E glass

Leash Plug, Gore-Tex Vent and Housing

Leash Plug, Vent Housing and Vent Screw

Longboard Fin Boxes

Two Aluminum Vent Screws

Rough Sawn Cedar Planks by the Board Foot

Milled Bookmatched Cedar Planks

Set of Bead & Cove Strips

FIRE SALE- Original Keel and Frame Sets- NON ARI-RAIL NOTCH