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Grain branded goods, gift certificates and more.


Plenty of post surf style.

While our board building efforts often overshadow our apparel and other goods, these products benefit from the same passion for smart design and committment to reducing our footprint. US made, recycled and organic materials and local printing are our hallmarks. 

Tools of the Trade T-shirt- Grey

Pug Patch Trucker Hat

Tools of the Trade- Green

Grain Pullover Logo Hoodie

50% Organic Cotton/ 50% Recycled PET Grain Logo T - Men's

Mizu Thermos with Grain Logo

Hand Printed Tree Rings Poster

Mini Hollow Wooden Surfboard Kit- Fish, Mini-Sim or Fun Board

Grain Surfboards Gift Certificate

Grain Logo Patch Set- Brown & Blue on Yellow

Gift Certificate and Mini Hollow Wooden Surfboard Kit

Limited Edition Grain Pullover Logo Hoodie - Dark Blue

Youth Grain Logo Hoodie

Limited Edition - Grain Sunrise Logo T

Mizu Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Grain Logo

Grain Logo Die Cut Sticker

The Pug Logo Patch Set

Grain Logo T- Blue

Grain Logo Patch Set- Blue on Black

Organic Cotton Tree Hollow T-shirt - Unisex