Helpful Hints to Keep You Moving



Here is a handy little PDF to show some tools you can build as you prepare for your HomeGrown Kit to arrive.  In it is how to build your glue up table, making your own fairing board and more. 

Tools You Can Make

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Glassing Manual

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Never glass a board before? It can seem scary, but with a little care and attention to detail, glassing your own board can be the most rewarding part of the process. This is when the wood comes to life! Our Glassing Manual describes our process for glassing a wood surfboard. There are many ways to glass a board, but the end result is always the same - to provide a solid strong waterproof shell to your board. 

Our Skateboard Kit Manual walks you through the process of making your own beautiful, functional skateboard from one of our kits. Choose from several different mold (rocker, camber, kick) options and design your own shape or use one of ours. 

Skateboard Kit Manual

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We've spent a lot of time recently adding new board shapes and modifying some of our originals. With this, some fin box locations have moved. Use this download to position your fins, ensuring it matches the exact position of your internal blocking. 

Fin Dims 2020

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Tricks & Tips Videos

We've taken all we've learned from helping you build beautiful surfboards at home and created some Tricks & Tips videos to help answer some of the most common questions we get about the process. Getting you through the most challenging steps, understanding difficult concepts, and ensuring that your board comes out just right... that's our goal. We have worked hard to offer you most advanced shapes available in a process that embraces traditional methods and celebrates craftsmanship with the final product being a hand-built true wooden surfboard. Enjoy and give us a ring if we can help.