Shaping Grain

From boats to boards, this Grain


IN 2005,

our passion for board sports merged with our understanding of the importance of quality, some woodworking chops, and a sincere commitment to sustainable practices. Grain was born, and soon after, a tidy shop on a farm in York, Maine became our home - a place where we build surfboards one at a time and continue to share the experience with people from all over the world.


"take what's inspiring, and evolve it all over again"


What started as a desire to build and ride our own boards turned into a bigger idea: Classic surfboards that were completely new to an entire generation of surfers, an environmentally conscious generation with an appreciation for sustainability. Inspired by the boats we've built and worked on, our first design featured caulked seams and bronze fasteners, but with quite a bit of trial and error, we refined a new technique based on time-tested boatbuilding construction techniques, and named ourselves for the natural grace of the grain patterns that jump from every freshly glassed board.