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We’ve noticed over the years that a lot of our customers, especially those overseas, get stuck dealing with high shipping rates. To help get around that, and give people one more resource to help turn their dream project into a reality, we’re excited to offer downloadable Study Plans for every surfboard shape we offer as a DIY product. Just head to our online store, select Study Plans and pick the board you're interested in, check out, and you'll have your plans at your finger tips in just a few moments. 

Please note, these Study Plans are not just an inexpensive form of our kit - no wood is included, nor are there any instructions. Study Plans are just that, full outside cross sections, profiles and outlines of the final shape of the surfboard, a perfect tool to get more familiar with the board shape you’re dreaming of.

This product is different from our Board Plans which instead give you the inside shape of the frames, and include all of the notches, lightening holes, fin locations and more, as well as some instructions.

We do know that some of you more experienced builders may start your build project from these Study Plans and we won’t discourage you, however, please consider carefully whether you can manage your project with no guidance other than your own experience and ingenuity. You will need to think about your wood choices and their strength to weight properties, how thick your planking is and how to modify the frames to account for that thickness, how you will build your rails, mill your wood, etc. In other words, customers that to start a build from Study Plans should be the type of person who:

·      Has lots of experience building boards of this construction (for example have taken a class or built a kit)

·      Have some unique construction ideas and just need a proven shape to get started from

·      Just like to figure things out on their own

For those of you who haven't built a wooden board like this before, and are unsure of your skill level, we’d recommend you start with a complete HomeGrown Kit which includes all of the materials you need to build a board. Or come join us in one of our 4-day Board Building workshops.