HomeGrown Surfboard Kits

Everything you need, just add tools and the desire to create something beautiful.


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Most of the boards in our line are offered as complete DIY kits. Each kit contains all of the material you need to build your board, including precision-cut frameset, cedar planks and rail strips, all internal blocking, fin box, leash plug, vent, glue, epoxy, fiberglass, rubber gloves and more. It also includes a 170 page instruction that walks you though each step of the process.

If you’re good with your hands, can work carefully with an attention to detail and follow written instructions, then you’ll love the feeling of dropping into your first wave on a Homegrown Surfboard Kit you built yourself. It’s indescribable.

We developed our kits before wood surfboard kits existed anywhere else, and from the beginning, we've wanted them to be complete, comprehensible and above all, do-able.  We support our kit builders by phone, email, and in person (we're not shy about stopping by to see how you're doing if we're in your neighborhood).  We love this process, and we want every surfer to get the same experience we've had, and to paddle out, incredulous, on a gorgeous board they built themselves.

Note: Before you decide on a surfboard kit from someone else, make sure you understand the total cost of the component materials you'll have to source and buy separately, as well as the time it will take to fill in the gaps of knowledge that aren't covered in their manual.   Usually, we'll get them out within a week or two, but allow three weeks, let us know if there's a rush, and please be patient - once in a while we have a shortage of materials and have to wait for something to come in.

You can find tools and other board building supplies and materials you might need in our online store.