Kits & Plans


Putting the Experience Back in Your Hands

For too many years, surfers have felt barred from the act of creating their own boards.  The industry that grew up around surfing after the 1950's (and the industrialized materials brought with it) made it seem like this once common practice - part of every surfer's experience at one time - was out of reach. We disagree. So we've found a bunch of ways that we can help you build your own at home.

We look at each DIY product that we offer as a doorway to the experience, each one offering you a different skill level where to cut in. The experience ultimately of owning and surfing a beautiful, functional, sustainable true wooden surfboard that you'll want to keep around forever.

If you live outside the U.S. we've also got you covered. We can ship just about anywhere in the world and in Europe, you can get Grain Surfboards' HomeGrown kits, marine-ply framesets and paper plans directly from our British friends at Fyne Boat Kits. Same Grain quality, but planks are of locally grown woods (rather than Maine cedar) milled up in their cool boatshop in Cumberland.

Once you've schooled yourself up on all the options we offer for the homebuilder, just head over to the Board page to select the model you want to build. You can order your HomeGrown Kit, Paper Plans, Framesets or Dowloadable Study Plans from there. Building board number two (or twelve)? Check out our 'Build Your Quiver' plan and save money on your next build. Before you go, be sure to check out our Tools and Supplies section in our store for more goodies including custom CNC'd Rocker Lifts, rough sawn and milled cedar planks, bead and cove strips and more. 

HomeGrown Surfboard Kits

Everything you need to build a beautiful wooden board, except tools and the space to build it.  

Precision Cut Keel and Frame Sets

CNC'd of marine plywood, this includes all of frames, keel and templates that make up the inide of the board which defines the outside of the board. 

Hard Copy Paper Build Plans

Printed full scale and shipped to your door. 

Digital Download Study Plans

Full scale centerline, cross sections and outline representing the true outside shape of the board.