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We believe that wood has a place in the lineup and we're fully commited to seeing that happen. We don't build foam hybrids or use wood veneers. Our boards are genuine, high performing, hand-built wood boards. And our wood comes from a small family owned mill right here in Maine. But just as shapes and sizes vary from one person or break to another, we've tried to provide every surfer- no matter their skill level or available resources- a path to surfing a handbuilt wooden board. It's just a matter of whose hands build it- yours or ours. 

Whether you're looking to start from scratch with our full-scale paper plans or want to work one-on-one with our builders to create your dream board, we're excited for you to be a part of the process. Check out the options below for all the ways we can help you... dream-it, build-it, surf-it. 

Why wood?

Grain boards surf with more momentum than standard foam boards. While our shorter board can be 10%-20% heavier then a comparable board, our longboard are on par with a quailty hand-shaped foam board.  While the weight can be noticeable on land, it tends to disappear in the water as it translates to increased momentum and glide. And despite their weight, they feel surprising lively under foot. Grain boards also do not show wear and tear as the wood (and epoxy) tends to absorb and flex with pressure. Clean one up after a year's use, and it will look as good as new.

Take one for a spin.

Looking to try before you buy? We get it. Come on by our shop in York Maine or Amagansset NY and ask us about our demo boards. Living on the west coast? We have a quiver of demo boards homebased in LA and we often load them up and head for various surf spots. If you're intersted in trying one, shoot us an email at and we can line something up.


Custom Built

You dream it, we build it, you surf it. If you're dreaming of owning a board but your time is limited, this is for you. 

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Join us in Maine, NY or on the road and we'll walk you through the process to create your dream board. Get here, we'll take care of the rest. 

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Kits & Plans

For all you home builders. We've got the resources to get you going, from digital downloads to complete surfboard kits. 

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"Build Your Quiver"

Build one and you're hooked. This is our way of thanking and encouraging you to come back for more. Build your quiver, we want to help. 

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