Our New 'GreenRail' Construction


Back in the 80's, our favorite TV shows were interupted with countless ads telling us that “plastics make it possible”. Fast forward to today and plastic pollution has become one of our planets biggest environmental disasters as 17 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year.  We feel a responsibility to support a circular economy, helping to find solutions, and keeping plastics out of the environment. We’ve done this for years offering our apparel in 100% recycled cottons and PET. Now it’s time to find a genuine use for this recycled content in our surfboards.

We’re excited to introduce our New 'GreenRail' construction method. Hand built in our shop in Maine, these boards are built using the same local sustainable cedar that we’ve always used. The difference is in the perimeter rails of these boards. We’ve engineered a new construction method that marries the best of our wooden board construction with the benefit of a solid, hand shaped rail made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Not only that, but every bit of waste produced from these boards is either recycled or burned at EcoMaine to create energy to power homes and businesses here in Maine. 

Even better, this new line of boards is available at a new low price, dramatically below our original all wood construction. We plan to keep as many of these in stock as we can, so if you just cant wait to ride a Grain board, this is a great option. 

We’ll continue to offer our original all-wood construction method in all models, but if you’re looking for a great price on a beautiful functional surfboard that steps lightly on the planet, the Green Rail might be just what you’re looking for. Interested in more info? Reach out, we'd love to chat. 

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Note- This construction method is available as finished complete boards only. We do not offer this method in HomeGrown Kits or in Workshops.