From basement to barn, since 05', Grain's blended modern technology and time honored traditions.


The Nature of Grain

At Grain, we design, build, and help you build true wooden surfboards with the idea that they will never see the landfill. We've been leading the way, promoting wooden boards as a better alternative to whats become the environmentally-harmful industry norms. We employ the most advanced 3D modelling programs to create our shapes and then combine that with time-tested traditional building techniques to create a process that's truly enjoyable.  We strive to reduce our environmental impacts by using local sustainable materials, creative re-purposing  or recycling of waste and operational efficiency within our shop on every level. We believe that building and surfing a hand-built wooden surfboard is the ultimate experience a surfer can have. Our mission? To design and build surfboards that have more impact on your surfing and less impact on the environment.

The Crew

Like-minded surfers with  a passion for woodworking, innovation, and people.

Meet the Team

Shaping Grain

What started as a desire to build and ride our own boards turned into a bigger idea.


The Offcuts Initiative

The Offcuts Initiative represents our dedication to wise and thorough use of resources


Surf Re-Evolution

We're proud to be helping lead a community of like-minded surfers toward a different choice.